I believe that if we follow our dreams, that deep enthusiasm that comes from within, we will perform our due function in this amazing ecosystem.


The “Permaculture Research Tour” has been an amazing learning experience right from the very beginning: when the dream to go abroad and learn directly from the pioneers emerged. To designing the whole research and sharing it via a crowdfunding. To organizing and planning the details of its implementation. To living the everyday permaculture lifestyle at the home of many pioneers and other Earth enthusiasts, some of the most wonderful experiences of my life. And now, to write about it with gratitude and for the benefit of all.

This was only possible, because I counted with the support of many people that believed in my dream and believed in me, all along the way. I will never have enough words to express my gratitude to those who helped this dream come true: my family, friends, friends of friends, teachers, permaculture pioneers, enthusiasts, fellow woofers, travel companions… so many wonderful people.

The best way I’ve found to thank you all, has been to always give my best, from the very beginning until the very end of the tour. Living the permaculture ethics (care for the Earth care for the people, fair share) every day with great humility and a sense of service to this huge research opportunity I was given.

I’ve learned that permaculture really works and it can be a great ally in guiding us to reconnect with our place, as human beings, in the great web of life.

A special thank you to all people giving their best, wherever they are, to care for our wonderful planet Earth and care for each other!


My name is Nice (Eunice) and I am a Portuguese landscape architect and permaculture designer passionate about creative & ethical ways of caring for ourselves and the planet.


I’ve finished my landscape architecture studies in 2007, worked in Holland for a couple of years and then traveled to Nepal to volunteer in an ecological village for orphan children. In Nepal I discovered permaculture and since then it has become one of my biggest passions and enthusiasms.


In the past 7 years I’ve been dedicated to deepen my knowledge and experiences in permaculture and combine these with my landscape architecture skills. 

I’ve taken a number of specific courses on permaculure, developed several projects (small/large scale, urban/rural) and facilitated various trainings. To continue to develop my work as a designer and enthusiast I've realized I needed to observe and experience mature examples of permaculture design and that was the main reason I’ve created the research tour around Australia, the birth country of permaculture, and the US.


With the help of more than 180 people through of a successful crowdfunding, this research was made possible and will hopefully bring valuable information to you.



Sara Wuerstle, a very dear friend, has been a wonderful support and my major partner in developing the Permaculture Research Tour materials. We have been working together on the research data and are hoping to release comprehensive permaculture materials to the world soon!

Sara works as a Permaculture designer in California: 


"With over 10 years of experience in Permaculture, Natural Building and Holistic Management, Sara has developed a highly integrated understanding of regenerative land development at any scale, She has studied and worked internationally with the leading practitioners in the field. She has also lived as part of numerous intentional communities and education centers throughout the world (including Sonoma County’s own Occidental Arts & Ecology Center), where she has gleaned a unique aptitude for holistic social management as well as the creation of financial resiliency. Her eclectic skills and experiences have proven powerful in the classroom teaching and supporting more than 2 dozen Permaculture Design Certification courses, trainings, and workshops worldwide. As a consultant and designer, she has collaborated on numerous international development projects in locales such as Burkina Faso, Bulgaria, Portugal, Mongolia, New Zealand, Australia, Panama and Argentina. She is most inspired when people savor the nutritious, delicious, and beautiful food that can come only from a healthy ecosystem. In all of these endeavors, her unique sense of style and aesthetic is ever present and continues to be fed by her talents as a graphic designer, creative writer, field-to-table chef, community muralist, and all around 'Maker-of-Things'."


If you would like to know more about the purpose of this research tour, the projects included and the journey, please visit the website:



To know about the crowdfunding and the amazing people that made it all this possible please visit: http://www.wethetrees.com/campaigns/permaculture-research-tour-2


If you would like to know more about my work and experience, what I have been doing in the last years, please have a look at my portfolio in the website:





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