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Enroll in high-quality workshops, courses and presentations in permaculture design


that uses ecosystems as models to create regenerative and sustainable human systems. Its holistic approach can be applied to land, social and economic systems. Permaculture is also considered a philosophy of life and a global grassroots movement, being recognized as one of the most powerful ways of creating positive change in the world.

Learn how Permaculture design can work specifically for you

Understand and Apply Permaculture as a powerful methodology for design and teaching


Improve your skills as a professional designer, engineer, architect, planner, etc.

Access in-depth & accurate information on successful Permaculture systems

Fast-track your actions by learning from experienced Permaculture practitioners


This PDC is a unique opportunity! The standard curriculum has been re-imagined with real-world case studies of mature permaculture sites that have been thriving for decades at the core of learning.

These case studies are the product of the instructors' direct action research tour that has accumulated data over several years to capture the evolution of each project. This powerful resource conveys a detailed understanding of applied permaculture design thinking amid real-world challenges to students as well as the essential theory, eco-literacy and design process.


We emphasize the power and application of the triple bottom-line ethic as key components of the permaculture vision: environmental regeneration, social justice, and equitable economy.  

  • For those wanting to apply permaculture design to their lives effectively

  • For those wanting to integrate permaculture successfully and fast-track their actions by learning from the pioneers



This is an advanced level coursework for professionals interested in eco-literacy and permaculture design, both online and in person. If you are a professional wanting to respond effectively to climate and resource challenges this is a course for you whether you are an architect, landscape architect, ecologist, engineer, planner, permaculturalist or other design professional. This advanced curriculum includes research materials offering real-world case studies at the core of learning.


  • For professional designers (engineers, architects, planners...)

  • For permaculturists wanting to professionalize

  • With real-world case studies

  • Connect with experienced trainers

  • Learn online and in person




If you are working with marginalized people and are looking to fast track your results, professional training in permaculture design is key. We offer Permaculture design courses to people living in precarious places and organizations working on sustainable design for developing countries.

  • For NGO's & Non-profit organizations

  • For Private Organizations

  • In Refugee Camps

  • In Developing Countries

  • Connect with successful projects

  • Network with Experienced Teachers 



We give public presentations to universities groups, schools, public and private organizations interested in applied design of permaculture systems and in-depth research of highly regarded and successful permaculture projects. Please contact us if you would like to organize a presentation with us.


  • For Public & Private & organizations

  • For Associations

  • For University & Professional Schools

  • For Projects Wanting to Learn From Permaculture Pioneering Projects