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Eunice has travelled around Australia and the United States for 15 months to research mature Permaculture systems and why they were successful. During this independent and crowdfunded research, Eunice lived and worked in some of the world's best permaculture projects and studied them in detail. Her main intention was to learn directly from the pioneer’s experiences (their challenges and achievements) and share that information with young Permaculture designers, so they could fast track their actions. 


Right from the beginning Sara and Eunice have been co-creating various materials for the research crowdfunding supporters and the worldwide Permaculture movement.


Rosemary Morrow

Kat Lavers

Brock Dolman


Kendall Dunnigan


Wayne Weiseman


Peter & Kate Marshall

(Successional Land Repair)


Yanna Fishman & Doug Elliot

(Natural Living)


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"Ever since the publication of Permaculture One in 1978, the documentation of the results of my own practice in permaculture design and implementation has been a personal and strategic commitment to validating permaculture innovation and communicating the results. Through that process I have been painfully aware of how a lack of independent and supported research has held back the potential of permaculture locally and globally. In more recent times there has been increasing interest by researchers and academics from many disciplines in studying the outcomes of permaculture education, design and practice.

Eunice Neves and her work in studying long established permaculture systems in Australia and around the world stands out as the most significant for a number of reasons.


Her background as a design professional in Landscape Architecture is central to evaluating long established rural, periurban and suburban permaculture systems. Her person commitment and passion for permaculture and its ethical foundations and design principles is essential in truly understanding and evaluating projects that have beeninfluenced by those concepts. I consider her cultural background outside the Anglo/American/Australian cultural locus of permaculture’s early development, an asset in providing an independent perspective on the socio-economic context in which the studied systems developed and their relevance outside of those contexts. By focusing on properties of some of the pioneers and prominent practitioners of permaculture, Eunice was able to gain greater longitudinal understanding of system evolution over time and how that related to the life trajectory of the designers, practitioners and residents (...)"

David Holmgren

Co-originator of the

permaculture concept 

Melliodora, Australia



Our uniquely designed research materials offer you a thorough look at successful permaculture systems plus the practical knowledge of how they are working. We help you reading these complex systems and understanding what are the success patterns that you can apply to design and fine-tune your own permaculture designs.

Written as a travel diary

Good introduction of the

permaculture concept

Shares experiences, stories & day to day living in permaculture projects

Design process step-by-step

Permaculture ethics & principles in Action

Access images, maps and photos 

Summarized information


Ideal for intermmediates

Design process step-by-step


Ideal for begginners

Permaculture ethics & principles, strategies & techniques

Ideal for advanced designers 

Compreenshive information and systemic view of each project. 

Design process in detail

Permaculture ethics & principles in Action

Access images, maps and photos 


The Food Forest -- Quarentena em Permacultura (episódio1)
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