With over two decades of experience working in land stewardship, agriculture and design, Sara has developed a highly integrated understanding of regenerative systems and sustainable development at any scale. More than 50 of her whole system designs have been implemented and continue to be successfully managed. She has worked internationally for the greater part of her career, building and fine-tuning the ability to think, create and act in a truly holistic and innovative way. She even utilized the whole systems design approach to grow a design and installation business twofold in less than 5 years in the highly competitive California Bay Area. While there, she was able to not only design but direct the implementation process of the designs to ensure accuracy and effective monitoring for long-term success. Her innovative designs have out performed conventional approaches and act as models for the validity and value of Whole Systems Design by combining Permaculture and Holistic Management.


To gain this design acuity, she spent many years studying and working internationally with the leading practitioners in the field as well as farmers and growers, while teaching and supporting more than 2 dozen Permaculture Design Certification courses as well as Advanced Permaculture Design Certification courses and related trainings worldwide. As a consultant and designer, she has collaborated on numerous international development projects in Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America. She has also lived as part of numerous intentional communities and education centers throughout the world. She is most inspired when people savor the nutritious, delicious, and beautiful food that can come only from healthy ecosystems. In all of these endeavors, her unique sense of style and aesthetic as an artist is ever-present.





Prior to her work with GUILDA, Sara designed and guided the implementation of more than 50 permaculture systems of various scales and contexts.. 


Here a few of the highlights:






  • Mixed Livestock Farm (began 2017)

  • Wildlife Refuge (2016)

  • Homestead with Market Flower Garden (2015)

  • Suburban Food Resiliency (2015)

  • Cozy Homestead (2015)

  • Parkside Food Forest (2015)



  • Barefoot Backyard & Garden (2014)

  • Zen Micro-Garden (2014)

  • Recreation Garden (2015)

  • Cat-friendly Backyard (2015)

  • Edible Front Yard with Native Buffer (2016)

  • Dog-friendly Backyard (2016)

  • Backyard Food Forest (2017)




2014-2019 Lead Designer at Community Soil in San Francisco Bay Area, California

2013 Built passive solar timber frame home with geothermal system

2013 Curriculum Consultant for Permaculture in Action PDC at Nascentes de Luz in Portugal for lead instructors Eunice Neves & Richard Perkins

2012 Resiliency Design Consultant for Yelmani Food Sovereignty Project in Burkina Faso & Brussels, Belgium


2012 Lead Instructor of workshop series for farmers and growers in Burkina Faso as part of Slow Food's Ten Thousand Gardens for Africa Project


2012 (JUNE) Lead Instructor of 15-day PDC at Balkan Ecology Project in Shipka, Bulgaria with Mihail Kossev & Paul Alfrey

2012 (JAN-FEB) Co-Instructor of 8-week Internship at Estancia Ranquilco in Patagonia, Argentina with Doug Crouch

2011 (NOV) Co-Instructor of 16-day PDC at Estancia Ranquilco in Patagonia, Argentina with Doug Crouch

2011 (AUGUST) Co-Instructor of PDC at Escola da Terra in Almoçageme, Portugal with Doug Crouch

2011 (JULY) Co-Instructor of PDC at Escola da Terra in Almoçageme, Portugal with Doug Crouch

2011 (JUNE) Co-Instructor at Balkan Ecology Project in Shipka, Bulgaria with Doug Crouch

2011 (JAN-FEB) Instructor of Soil Microbiology at the Loft in New York City in collaboration with Elaine Ingham and Gail Swithenbank

2010 (AUGUST) Co-Instructor of PDC at Escola da Terra in Almoçageme, Portugal with Doug Crouch & Gautier Gras

2010 (JULY) Co-Instructor of PDC at Escola da Terra in Almoçageme, Portugal with Doug Crouch & Gautier Gras

2009-2010 Internship at Occidental Arts & Ecology Center in Occidental, California

2009-2010 Dairy Worker at Toluma Farms in Tomales, California

2009 Natural Building Crew at Ecostead in Hamilton, New Zealand

2008-2009 Farm Crew & Chef for PDCs at Permaculture Research Institute in NSW, Australia

2008 (AUGUST) Logistics & Catering for PDC & Southern California Permaculture Convergence at Quail Springs near Ojai, CA, USA

2007-2008 Internship & Catering at Regenerative Design Institute in Bolinas, California with Penny Livingston & James Stark

2007 Natural Building Apprenticeship at Tui Community in Wainui Bay, New Zealand with Robina McCurdy & Huckleberry Leonard

2006 Wwoofing in Ireland


Grew up on grandparents' farm in Pennsylvania, USA



Starting & Sustaining Intentional Communities with Dave Henson and Adam Wolpert at Occidental Arts & Ecology Center, California

2009 Holistic Management, Keyline Design & Broad-acre Permaculture with Kirk Gadzia and Darren Doherty at Orella Ranch, California

2009 Soil Building & Water Management Systems with Darren Doherty & Penny Livingston in Salinas Valley, California

2009 School Garden Teacher Training with Lisa Preschel at Occidental Arts & Ecology Center in California

2009 Healing Through Food, Gardening, Herbs, & Ceremony with Michelle Vesser at Occidental Arts & Ecology Center, California

2008 Permaculture Aid Worker Training with Rosemary Morrow at Zaytuna Farm, Australia

2008 Rainwater Harvesting with Brad Lancaster at Regenerative Design Institute in California

2007 Permaculture Design Certification with Geoff Lawton, Robyn Francis and Trish Allen at Rainbow Valley Farm, New Zealand

University Coursework

Graduate Studies in Forestry


Bachelor of Fine Arts


Elaine Ingham 2011

Kendall Dunningan, Brock Dolman, Carol Nieukirk, Lisa Preschel, Dave Henson & Adam Wolpert 2009-2010

Darren Doherty 2009

Kirk Gadzia 2009

Rosemary Morrow 2008

Brad Lancaster 2008

Penny Livingston & James Stark 2007-2008

Geoff Lawton 2007 & 2008-2009

Robyn Francis 2007

Trish Allen 2007

Robina McCurdy 2007


Ecological Design & Cooperative Solutions

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